Tuesday 24th September

I started the day by soaring into the galaxy on the ride space mountain it was really fun, then we flew onto Neverland on peter pans flight, we next rode into toads wild ride and went through his library. We then drank tea at the mad hatters tea party as we experienced what it was like for Alice in wonderland, Next we flew in rockets on this other ride, The blasting of aliens was experienced on the astro blasters ride. Then we explored the mine on thunder mountain railroad , Then we went in thunder ranch where all the halloween displays were and there were also carved pumpkins, next we went to down town disney, I bought a fluoro pink robot ring. Then we went into the confectionary store & blink. After that we walked a few metres to dinner.

Monday 24th September

We woke up at 9:00 am for California land (like disneyland and in same place but for older kids). First ride was Soaring over California , then Grizzly river run, California Screaming which was a giant & fast upside down roller coaster, then we went to a character lunch at Ariels Grotto, Next was the twilight zone tower of terror which is like a falling lift car which literally drops down the tower for about 70 metres in pitch blackness. We then relaxed for a while beside the pool after that it was  back to California land. We wondered into cars land (in California land and went on these floating tyre things, then we got towed round by these ‘ tractors ‘ , then we went swimming again & took a cab ride to Newport beach for dinner.

My first expierience in disneyland

I woke up this morning and looked at my clock. It was 6:00! I found out that it was because people staying in our hotel got a free “hour early pass” to Disneyland. So we got up and walked into Disneyland. Because there were no big queue’s we went on the most poular rides. I hopped in the ride called Matterhorn BombSleds as the people who were supervising the rides pressed the “start” button. It was like a big cave with parcial pith blackness. Second ride was the Alice in Wonderland ride. As you went through in the “car” there were lots of magical things happening while a voice was telling the story of Alice in Wonderland. 3rd was the toad ride the scenery was ment to look like a library and it did, we were in little carriages that spun around. 5th was the pirates of the Carribeen which had a creepy voice telling you that you were cursed and then lots of fake skeletons with pirates clothes on tried to shoot you with a plastic gun. The next 2 were splash mountain which was a water roller coaster.the 8th ride was “its a small world” which had lots of fake children playing instruments to the song and there was picturesque background scenery. Last ride was the warehouse which had lots of “chemicals” and Disney characters. Then we had lunch (hotdogs).

We walked back to our hotel and on the way I bought a mad hatter hat which was black with pink stripes and a ribbon. I also bought some swimmers which were ment to be $45 but they were $13 because it was on sale.

Now I am resting in bed so I can stay up late and watch the fireworks in Disneyland.

My other blog wich I will be posting photo’s on

Hey Guys,

This holidays on September 22nd I am going to America on a 14 hour plane trip but we are going to New Zeland in between because we have to catch 2 planes to get there. If you are bord in the  holidays you can visit my other blog (http://hannahrf.edublogs.org) for my journal entries and I will post pictures on this one. We are staying in a hotel near Disneyland for 4 days and we are going into Disneyland ofcourse, then we are going to Oregan to see our American friends, thirdly we are going to New York city for 4 days.

Shops in New York

I have already asked my friends about wich shop they would recommend in New York City. My list includes Banana Republic, Old Navy, Juicy, Gap, Fitch, Shmack & Abercrombie. I was wondering if you had any shops you would recommend in New York preferably stores with clothes and funky, cool, cheap things.

Thanks Hannah

P.S I am so excited only 5 sleeps to go.

My trip to America

My name is Hannah and this holidays I am going to Disneyland in America but I do not live there i live in Australia thats why I have an Australian clock widget. I will post pictures and journal entries when I get there. I am looking forward to arriving in two weeks.